Cute-Saint Green Atokun Shacket


A pinnacle of opulence and conscious design. Crafted from deadstock cotton chino, each thread hand-dyed by artisans, this shirt embodies luxury with a purpose.

The fringed custom Aso-Oke pocket and cowrie button detailing elevate the utility silhouette to a realm of refined extravagance.

Made in Nigeria.

Fulfilment timeline: 10 working days.

Care Note: Do not wash after each wear, hang to air dry. Dryclean only when there’s a need to wash with gentle washing powder.

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Cute-Saint is a thoughtful genderless brand, aimed at preserving and telling the African narrative. It takes pride in creating authentic, stylish and functional designs, crafted with locally sourced fabrics and batiks made by skilled local artisans. Along with having comfort at its focal point, Cute-Saint is also known for the use of cowrie
shells in place of buttons to depict its cultural background.

Each piece from Cute-Saint is created with the environment in mind, as the brand uses a pre-order model to reduce wastage. As an ethical brand, its belief is that everyone has a part to play in protecting the planet.

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