Selasi Von Hausen Metallic Dress


Made from metallic silk satin fabric, this structured dress features exaggerated hips and a cinched waist giving off an hour glass silhouette, inbuilt corset to cinch and give a great posture it has invincible back zipper.

Styled with a matching croped pleated sleeveless lapel blazer, this piece comes in a matching set.

Model is wearing a small size, dress length of 33 inches.



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Selasi von Hausen is an eponymous brand that was born out of curiosity, experimentation and the Creative Director’s love for the Arts. It tells the story of African Heritage and culture in today’s contemporary world by incorporating traditionally handmade fabrics sourced from all over the African continent while making use of skills and techniques passed down through time from one artisan to the other, keeping the craft of handmade goods alive and relevant.

As a slow and small scale fashion brand, it produces its collections in limited numbers as a way of reducing overconsumption, and making long lasting durable yet elegant clothing.

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